sábado, 10 de octubre de 2009

I have a few questions.

It seems to me we are tossed into a culture at birth and by the time we realize we can actually participate in it, take on a creative role, express, have personal preferences and opinions most of us are too lazy to do it and end up conforming and taking a passive/consumer role, or worse, like dogs we entertain ourselves with whichever bone is thrown at us. Or we find ourselves walking knee deep in the day to day routines that keep the giant social mechanisms working. Mechanisms that somebody else designed for us, and that, for the most part, while practically convenient, may not necessarily reflect our current priorities and needs as a species.

We somehow find ourselves too busy reacting to endless media stimuli to have any thoughts of our own or emotions for that matter. I catch myself doing it a lot and try to shake it off, I see a lot of people that don't seem to realize it and I find that to be really fucking scary.

I have a few questions:

If we don't tend our culture who will?

Does it need tending?

Should it be more tended than our gardens?

Does it need new soil?

And if so who should provide it?

Is it automatic?

What are our ideas and opinions if not a product of our cultural history?

Or are they?

Can we drop our cultural history?

Can we drop our opinion?

Is it really our opinion?

What is identity?

Is it in our clothes?

Is it creating our very own culture?

Do you make your own clothes?

Does identity have to do with doing?

Does identity have to do with choosing?

Do you want tea or coffee?

Have you made up your mind?

Should you?

Should I?

Does it matter?

If we use words that are already in books will we ever really say anything new?

Must we?

Should we create new words?

I repeat, tea or coffee?

Have we run out of options?

Am I trying to impress someone?

If I write my ideas are they still in my head?

Are they replaced by new ideas?

Do I really need a pen?

Will it make any difference if I write this down?

Will something be gained in the process?

Will it lead to new ideas?

Does it matter?

Is it ideas what we need?

Is it answers what we need?

I repeat, am I trying to impress someone?

Is anything gained by asking questions?

Do dolphins ask questions?

Do other animals ask questions?

Are we better off than the other animals?

Are we trying to impress someone?

Are we really making our own clothes?

Are we making our own language?

Have we no need for a better one?

Are you really that preoccupied with the soccer game?

If we invent a new game will you play?

Does it really bother you that much if your team loses?

Are you just trying to interact?

Are you interacting?

Are you reacting?

Do you like your culture?

Are you doing something to make it better?

Must you?

Must I?

Should you make your own?

Should I make my own?

What then?

If I make a song will you remember it?

Will your life be remembered longer than say, a Cranberries song?

Are we better off now than 100 years ago?

Do you want that coffee?

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Carlos dijo...

I have some answers.

no one
yes & no
dont think so
yes however i dont think we should
yes but "our" in an many people inclusive way
idk but is probably set upon differences, plurality
part of it
could be, although i dont know if anyone can
coffee, please
not my call to make
depends on the scale of the scope
we could
tea this time, thanks
you tell me
yes maybe as memories
again, the scale of the scope
most likely
probably, worth trying
at this point, it might
are part of what I need at least
as often as i can get them, however theres always the charismatic unsolved mysteries
I repeat, you tell me :P
yes to use our brains
dogs might
sometimes we have to learn from each other
yes ourselves
no they come from mars
if i like it
mm no, not really
sometimes i try not to interact
parts of it
bits and pieces, the best is still to come from my part
not my call
my answer is simple
tough question, dreams is hard to beat
imo yes

cheers :)